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Mists of Pandaria is now Live!

There are a few key points you must keep in mind when attempting to tame Rares in MoP:

Rare pets are tracked, not camped. You have to actively search for them. To do this you will search for tracks on the ground, which only hunters can see. Follow the path of the tracks until they end. After this you will drop a Flair on the ground about ten meters ahead of the last track. If you aimed correctly your pet will become visible. The pet is only visible while they are under the flair, but hunters mark will make them visible to you after they walk out of range. Be careful - when under the flair they are visible to ALL in the zone, even non-hunters.

Each of the rares pets quite slow so you can follow the tracks in Camouflage and still catch up to them. The tracks stay on the ground for roughly ten minutes after being placed. Spawn timers are acting quite oddly currently, there are reports of spawn times as often as 30 minutes, but this will most likely change in 5.1 when the global spawn timers are slowed down.

So far there are 9 new pets, with more coming in patch 5.1. The new rare pets include:

85 White Pandaran Tiger
The Jade Forest

85  Red/White Aqua Strider
The Jade Forest

86 Pink Crane
Valley of the Four Winds

87 Dragon Turtle
Krasarang Wilds
Taming Guide – Coming Soon

88 White Goat
Kun-Lai Summit
Map – Coming Soon!
Taming Guide – Coming Soon

Rockhide the Immovable
89 Purple/Blue Basilisk
Townlong Steps
Map – Coming Soon!
Taming Guide – Coming Soon

90 Purple Strider
Dread Wastes
Map – Coming Soon!
Taming Guide – Coming Soon

90 Quilen
Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Map – Coming Soon!
Taming Guide – Coming Soon

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